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  Session 4

Date: October 7-9, 2005
Location: Daejon, Korea
Host University: Pai Chai University
Number of Attendees: 80
Number of Participating Countries and Regions: 12
Number of HEIs attending: 57
Theme: Worldwide Strength and Development Strategies of Asian Universities’ Education System

Main Contents:
The fourth session of the AUPF was successfully held by Pai Chai University of Korea from October 7 to 9, 2005. This forum witnessed a further expansion in terms of scale. Over 80 people from 57 universities located in more than 12 countries and regions participated. Participants exchanged views on the importance and experience of educational internationalization of higher education and specific measures of realizing faculty and student exchanges. The participants agreed that in order to cater to the trend of educational internationalization, universities must enhance the modernization of education, whilst sticking to their characteristics, creating new knowledge and improving their competitiveness. Universities should also demonstrate a strong desire for cooperation which will directly increase the understanding and friendship among Asian universities. This session also put forward suggestions on the amendment of the Constitution of the AUPF regarding the organization and activities of the Forum. The amendment clearly stated the responsibility of the Director of the Board and the Board of Directors, and officially decided that the forum would be held annually. The Board of Directors was declared to be responsible for the selection of the next host university during the previous session. The amendment played a positive role in perfecting the Constitution of the AUPF.

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