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  The 1st Asian Faculty Workshop Successfully Held in GDUFS

The 1st Asian Faculty Workshop was successfully held in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies from July 28 to Aug 3, 2019. Representatives from 6 universities in 5 countries participated in this workshop.

JIAO Fangtai, Vice President of GDUFS welcomed the participants at the opening ceremony and Liu Haichun, Vice President of GDUFS delivered the congratulatory address at the closing ceremony of this workshop. Directors of International Office, Institute of International Education and International College of GDUFS, KE Xiaohua, CAI Hong and LIANG Xuehong attended the opening and closing ceremony of this event.

AFW is a program initiated by Guangdong University of foreign studies under the framework of AUPF, aiming to promote the communication and strengthen the ties between faculty members in Asian Universities. The theme of the 1st AFW is “Education and Technology”. Centering on the theme, well-known experts and scholars of this field in China shared the edge-cutting knowledge and expertise on the topics of “Higher Education in Asia-Opportunities and Challenges”, “Evaluation and Quality Guarantee of Teaching with Technology”, “Branding on the Internet: University Websites as Portals to the Marketization of Higher Education” and “Intercultural Communication in Teaching Multi-national Students”. Culture tours in Guangzhou and Zhuhai were also arranged during this workshop to provide an opportunity of field study for the participants.

Served as the communication platform for faculty members from Asian Universities, the 1st AFW contributed to the integration and development of education and technology in Asia.

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