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  14th Asian University Presidents’ Forum Standing Committee Meeting

On November 7th, the 14th Asian University Presidents’ Forum Standing Committee Meeting was held in International Convention Hall. Representatives from 13 universities attended the meeting, including Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, Shanghai International Studies University, Bangkok University, Anhui University, Djakarta International University, Norton University, Vellore Institute of Technology, Dongseo University, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Christian University of Thailand, Chaoshao Vocational and Technical College and Siam University.


During the meeting


The meeting focused on three main issues: amendments to AUPF Constitution, the Guangzhou Declaration on Higher Education Connectivity as well as Asian University Students Entrepreneurship Competition. At the meeting, all the representatives exchanged and learned from each other’s ideas. First of all, the representatives discussed about the amendments to AUPF Constitution and decided GDUFS as the Secretariat of AUPF. Then, the meeting concentrated on and passed the Guangzhou Declaration on Asian Higher Education Connectivity. The declaration aims at strengthening higher education connectivity and cooperation among Asian countries and bringing long-term benefits for all countries concerned, which in turn contributes to the Asian development. Besides, in order to encourage interconnectivity and cooperation among universities, the declaration contains seven suggestions, such as establishing and improving the legal mechanism, supporting the exchange among teachers and scholars, supporting cross-border student exchange programs for long-term learning or short-term internship and for subject-specific competitions or research cooperation, promoting mutual recognition of credits,diplomas and degrees, making full use of Internet technology, establishing a permanent mechanism for exchange and cooperation and co-establishing joint and dual degree programs.


In the end, the meeting decided that the 15th Asian University Presidents’Forum (AUPF) in 2016 would be held in Asia University.

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